IT Technician
Human Accent
Midrand, Gauteng
Posted 12 July 2019 - Closing Date 31 July 2019

Job Details

Job Description

Growing IT Services company is looking for an IT Technician. The role will work mostly form home as remote support, visits  to client sites and from the Kyalami head office. 

Skill is important but we are looking for someone who values people and customer engagment. Someone who is willing to have that extra conversation, go the extra mile and care about the customer's needs. It is not just about the job card - someone who will check in without it. 

  • Friendly 
  • Approachable
  • Communicates clearly and easily 
  • Helpful (how can I help you)
  • Takes initiative
  • Problem Solver 
  • Never gives up
  • Curious  - always learning
  • Target driven
  • Not one for clock watching




  • OS - Windows Server 2003-latest 2016 - setup Active Directory, group policy, maintain and monitor platform 
  • OS, Windows - XP, Windows 7, 8-8.1,10 troubleshooting and support 
  • Includes ensuring OS is properly installed - drivers, updates, device firmware - all settings to industry standard at least. 
  • Apply tips and trips to finetune. 
  • Any issues with patch install, periphery support such as printers should be well supported. 
  • Security measures should be well known and implemented 
  • Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2007 - latest 365 
  • Install, patch updates and keep an eye on latest issues affecting the platform. 
  • Basic understanding of Office functions - in order to help the customer 
  • Ability to communicate with Microsoft on troubleshooting issues cannot solve themselves.
Add on software: 
Adobe, Chrome Browser, 7zip etc. 
  • Networking 
  • N+ or equivalent qualifications and must display understanding of networking - subnets, routing, troubleshooting a network 
  • WIFI understanding - Ubiquiti and Mikrotik familiarity and setup. 
  • Advanced - Firewall rules and setup 
  • Remote support 
  • The whole goal is to put systems and monitoring in place so as to provide 90% remote support to client.  This support can be done using a remote support tool like screenconnect. 
  • Being onsite for technical issues is out of the ordinary.(although 'social' visits are to be done as above with technical support being a secondary consideration) 
  • Good understanding of Office 365 - is enthusiastic about using the platform to increase client productivity 
  • Possible user of Video facility to convey ideas and training
  • Bonus Skills: Linux understanding an enthusiasm


Must be mobile - have a car and valid license 
Must write an MS or relevant exam every 4 months